Property management in Nîmes

Gestion Immobilière à Nîmes

An experienced rental service

Whether you are looking for advice on putting your property up for lease in Nîmes, or if you are looking for rental property in the Gard department, our real estate management service in Nîmes is at your disposal.

We provide evaluations of current market price rents, prepare a complete marketing brochure for your property, and ensure wide marketing exposure of your property both regionally and nationally, bringing you serious, quality tenants. Our competent legal skills and reliable records means that our rental contracts remain current.

Defining and understanding the needs of tenants is also our priority. For this purpose, Nîmes Agence helps tenants create a complete rental dossier and application, including management/rental insurances (loca pass, pass GRL) and deposits, and to find the property in Nîmes or in the Gard department that will satisfy your needs.

A tailored transaction service

Our real estate transaction service puts all of its skills at your service. We are at your disposal and we offer you the best advice, custom-tailored to meet the needs of your real estate project.

A proven real estate management service

Our job is to manage all the administrative and commercial tasks in your location related to your rental property.

The property manager’s services include management of residential, commercial, professional, and office locations.

Through the manager’s knowledge of the local rental market, and her/his expertise in real estate, financial, legal, and tax matters, the property manager is both a specialist and adviser for property owners.

Our real estate agency takes care of all the formalities incumbent on the lessors. Mainly :

  • Drafting of a legally-conforming lease
  • Establishment of the State of the Premises (entry and exit)
  • Collection and management of rents
  • Rent reviews and settlement of charges
  • Guarantee/assurance of collected rental income
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Dealing with delinquencies and property damage
  • Preparing your tax return
  • Accounting and preparation of balance sheets for a Société Civile Immobilière (SCI)
Nîmes Agence Immobilière